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Fortuny Lampshades / Flatbacks

My flatbacks shades which are really shields with an attached back originated from a designer with a special request.
She had clients who read in bed and had a narrow space for lamps but needed good light...
the answer was a shield but we did not want the bulb glaring on the clients so a back was attached.
I've shown so many below as it is my #1 selling design.They are also wonderful in front of mirrors and fireplace mantels or anywhere you have limited space.

Fortuny Lampshades / Shields

Shields are open back or also called half shades... very popular all over Italy.
They range from very small for wall sconces all they way up to large floor lamp size.
Especially the solution if you need throw a light behind to accent an oil painting, mural or any decorative wall finish you may have.

Fortuny Lampshades / Fortuny Parchment Lampshades

Below as an impressive selection of many more styles of Fortuny Fabric Lampshades we fabricate at Studio Veneto.
We also make custom lampshades with your fabrics and designs.
Please call for more info on our custom design work.

Fortuny Lampshades / Fabric Sconce Half Shades/Shields/Open Backs