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Urns, Architectural Pieces and Figures / Old World Lamps

At Studio Veneto we love eclectic items with lots of personality.
Below are a few of our more unique items that we have hand crafted into Old World Lamps.
*Shades sold separately

Antique Candlestick Lamps

We at Studio Veneto treasure the church candlesticks due to the beauty of their embellishments.
Lighting a candle during worship probably began not as a ritual but for practical reasons.
From Torchiers to table candlesticks all the way down to voltives, which we feature in our Studio.
Please enjoy looking at our selection.
* Shades sold separately

  • Old World Lamps 6150

    Brass Repousse Candlestick Lamps Mounted on Matte Lacquered Black Wood Base
    42" Tall $1895 each

    Lamps only. Lampshade sold

  • Antique Venetian Chinoiserie Lamps 6151

    Rare Venetian Chinoiserie Polychromed Candlesticks
    32" Tall $1950 Each

  • 19th Century Urn Lamp 6152

    19th Century Urn Lamp. Shown with Embroidered Lions on Silk Velvet Shade.
    Lamp: 31" Tall x 11" $1695 One Available
    Shade: 18" x 11" $1295 One Available

  • Coat of Arm Candlestick Lamps 6153

    19th Century Iron Candlestick with Coat of Arms
    37" Tall $1295 each

  • Antique Italian Candlestick Lamps 6154

    Italian Polycromed Candlestick Lamps Mounted on Gold Base. Shown with Flat Back Antique Fortuny Shade with Custom Made Trim
    Lamp: 27" Base x 7" Tall $595 each
    Shade: 6" x 10" $495 each

  • Old World Lamps 6155

    Italian 18th C Wood Gilt Candlestick Lamp
    34" Tall $1895

  • Antique Italian Candlestick Lamps 6156

    Late 18th C Italian Gilt and Polychromed Candlestick Lamp
    28" Tall $1495 Each

  • Antique Polychromed Candlestick Lamps 6157

    Italian Wood Carved Candlesticks Faded Sage and Gold
    29" Tall $995 each

  • Old World Lamps 6158

    Silvered Wood Carved Antique Candlestick Lamp
    26" Tall $995 each

  • Old World Lamps 6159

    Unique Italian Polychromed Carved Candlestick with Putti Head
    32" Tall $2650

  • Old World Lamps 6160

    18th Century Gilt Wood Candlestick Lamps with Putti Head
    32" Tall $4900 for the Pair

  • Old World Lamps 6161

    Italian Wood Carved Candlestick Old Gold Gilt
    25" Tall $1295

  • Antique Iron Candlestick Lamps 6162

    Early 19th C Spanish Heavy Iron Candlestick Lamps
    36" Tall $1595 each

  • Petite Italian Candlestick Lamps 6163

    Wood Carved Candlesticks converted to Lamps in Soft Teal / Shades with Domed Leather Shield
    22" x 9" Lamps: $795 each / Shades: $495 each Pair Available

  • Old World Lamps 6164

    Old Brass with Heavy European Weight Candlestick
    17" Tall $495 each

  • Antique Spanish Candlestick Lamp 6165

    Late 18th Century Spanish Iron Candlestick
    35" Tall $995

  • Antique Italian Santos Lamp 6166

    Italian 17th Century Gilt Candlestick
    23" Tall $2250

  • Antique Pewter Candlestick Lamps 6167

    European 19th Century Pewter
    22" Tall $995 each

  • Old World Lamps 6168

    18th Century Bleached Wood Carved Candlestick Lamp
    29" Tall $895

  • Old World Lamps 6169

    19th Century Brass Italian Candlestick Lamps
    18" Tall $1295 each

  • Antique Polychromed Column Lamps 6170

    Italian Ploychromed Wood Column Lamps
    36" Tall $1595 each

  • Old World Lamps 6171

    Late 18th C Wood Carved Spanish Candlestick Lamps
    28" Tall $995 Each

  • Old World Lamps 6172

    Italian Wood Carved Polychromed Candlestick Lamps
    34" Tall $1595 each

  • Early 19th Century Bottle Lamp 6173

    Covered in Old World Map
    Lamp: 17" x 8" $695
    Shade: $395

  • Old World Lamps 6174

    Late 18th C Italian Gilt and Polychromed Candlestick Lamp
    21" Tall $1295

  • Old World Lamps 6175

    18th Century Italian Wood Candlestick
    28" Tall $895

  • Antique Repoussed Lamps 6176

    Repoussed Antique Candlestick Lamp
    30" Tall $1595

  • Old World Lamp 6177

    19" Tall Wood Carved Candlestick Lamp Monuted on Marble
    19" x 28" Tall $1295

  • 18th Century Italian Wood Carved Candlestick Lamps 6178

    Amazing and Hard to find Italian Wood Carved Candlesticks Originally used in Church for Burning Candles
    23" x 28" Tall $9600 Pair Available with Shades

Saint and Religious Figures / Old World Lamps

All of the lamps featured below were single statues of Saints and religious figures that we meticulously crafted into Old World Lamps.
We hand carve and design all the bases to fit and compliment each individual statue.
The reason we love these is because they all have a unique and wonderful personality.
*Shade sold separately

  • Antique Santos Lamps 6250

    18th Century Santos
    23" Tall $850 each

  • Antique Italian Repousse Lamp 6251

    Italian Repousse Reliquary Bust Circa 1675 -1725
    17" Tall $3200

  • Antique Italian Carved Saint Lamp 6252

    Early 19th Century Italian Carved Saint with Glass Eyes
    42" Tall $3800

  • Antique Italian Bishop Lamps 6253

    Italian Walnut Carved Bishop 18th C
    23" Tall $850 each

  • Old World Lamps 6254

    Spanish Wood Carved Religious Figure Satin Finish
    34" Tall $1995

  • Old World Lamps 6255

    Early 18th Century Walnut Monk Lamp Early 19th Century Italian Carved Saint with Glass Eyes

  • Old World Lamps 6256

    Small Bronze Accent Lamp
    17" Tall $595

  • Old World Lamps 6257

    SALE PENDING Carved Gilt Wood Italian Bishop Late 17th Century
    28" Tall $5250

  • Antique Monk Lamp 6258

    Italian Wood Carved Monk Perfect for Wine Cellar
    34" Tall $1695

  • Reliquary Lamps 6259

    18th Century Carved Wood Lamp
    37" x 21" Lamp: $2400 / Shade: $1795 Pair Available

Old World Angel Lamps

Designers have appreciated the beauty of Old World Tapestry Pillows to enhance couches and chairs throughout the 19th and 20th century.
We at Studio Veneto love the sweetness and charm of antique angel artifacts.
We find the special pieces mainly from Italy and surrounding areas and fabricate into Old World Lamps
We feel these will be charming in every room of your home.
*Shades sold separately

  • Old World Lamps 6350

    Italian Gilt Flying Angel Mounted on Fruit Wood Stand
    18" Tall $595

  • Antique Portuguese Angel Lamps 6351

    18th Century Portuguese Carved Rosewood Polychromed Angels Left and Right
    34" Tall $8900 for the Pair

  • Old World Lamps 6352

    Italian Angle Head with Wings late 19th Century
    11" Tall $595

  • Old World Lamps 6353

    Angel Head with Wings Walnut 19th Century
    22" Tall $1895 each

  • Antique Tuscany Angel Lamp 6354

    Tuscany Walnut Angel 18th Century on Wood Block Base
    30" Tall $1995

  • Anitque Italian Angle Lamps 6355

    18th C Silvered Gilt Angel
    24" Tall $3200 Pair

  • Old World Lamps 6356

    Italian Walnut Putti Head Early 18th Century
    30" Tall $3400

  • Walnut Angel Head Lamps 6357

    19th Centery Carved Putti
    15" x 8" Lamps: $695 each / Shades: $495 each Pair Available

  • Anitque Putti Lamps 6358

    19th Century Pair of Wood Carved Putti Made into Lamps
    42" Tall $8900 for the Pair

  • Anitque Polychromed Figure Lamps 6359

    Pair of Small 18th Century Polychromed Figure Lamps
    Lamps: 20" Tall $1350 each
    Shades: $590 each

  • Anitque Putti Head Lamps 6360

    Tuscany Walnut Carved Putti Heads
    19" Tall $795 each

  • Old World Lamps 6361

    17th Century Wood Carved Gold Leaf Angel Wired Into Fixture
    66" Tall $8500

  • Old World Lamps 6362

    Large Table Lamp Italian Walnut Carved Angel Face

  • Old World Lamps 6363

    Tuscany Carved Walnut Angel Riding Dolphin
    Pair Available

  • Old World Lamps 6364

  • 18th Century Pine European Angel Lamps 6365

    18th Century Pine Carved European Angel Head and Wings modified into lamp. Shown with Antique Fortuny/Parchment Flat Back Shade with Antique Beading
    Lamp: 14" x 24" One Available
    Shade: 15" x 10" $1195 each Pair Available

Ecclesiastical and Religious Artifacts / Old World Lamps

Our search led us to many beautiful religious pieces in addition to the candlestick lamps.
Here are a few Ecclesiastical artifacts that we found so charming and rare that we felt compelled to make them into lamps.
*Shades sold separately

  • Antique Reliquary Lamp 6450

    Italian Wood Gilt Reliquary 18th Century
    22" x 10" Lamp: $2500 / Shade: $895 One Available

  • Anitque Repoussed Lamps 6451

    Italian Dull Silvered Repoussed Reliquary Lamps
    25" Tall $1695 Each

  • Old World Lamps 6452

    17th Century Italian Polychromed Wood Lamp
    27" Tall $2200

  • Antique Church Pew Lamps 6453

    18th Century Rare Walnut Church Pew
    Lamp: 30" Tall $5800 for Pair
    Shade: 19" x 13" $1200 each Pair Available

  • Antique Church Pew Lamps 6454

    Processional Staff Harp Top Early 19th C
    20" Tall $695

  • Antique Church Pew Lamps 6455

    18th C Dark Walnut Church Pew

Old World Terracotta Lamps

Italian Terracotta Figures are investment pieces that are appreciating in value more so now than any other time.
We search for unusual pieces and fabricate into lamps.
We at Studio Veneto feel that owning a Terracotta Lamp will be one of your most cherished treasures in your home.
*Shades sold separately

  • Antique Terracotta Lamp 6550

    Early 19th Century Italian Terracotta Childs Head on Carved Fruitwood Base
    32" Tall $3400

  • Antique Terracotta Lamps 6551

    Italian Terracotta Costumed Boy
    36" Tall $3800

  • Old World Lamps 6552

    Pair of Small 19th Century European Terra Cotta Figure Lamps. Shown with Pastel Blue Fortuny Shield Shades.
    Lamp: 21" Tall x 5" Base $1895 Pair
    Shade: 10" x 9" $595 each

  • Antique Terracotta Lamp 6553

    Terracotta Early 19th Century "Italian Fisher Boy"
    35" Tall $3295

  • Antique Terracotta Lamp 6554

    Small Bronze Colored Terracotta 19th C
    6"x8"x12" Tall $2200

  • European Terra Cotta Angel Lamp 6555

    European Terra Cotta Angel Lamps. Shown with Parchment Shield with Beading and Dark Gold Leaf.
    Lamp: 24" Tall x 9" $1595 each Pair Available
    Shade: 14" x 11" $595 each

Old World Floor Lamps

For your consideration we have a few Ecclesiastical Torchieres which have been fabricated into remarkable floor lamps.
Our floor lamps are primarily from the Tuscany region of Italy.
On many we also hand craft candle waxes as to create the original look they once had.
*Shades sold separately

  • Antique Italian Polychromed Floor Lamps 6650

    18th Century Italian Polychromed Candlestick Converted to Floor Lamp (pair)

  • Antique Italian Gold Floor Lamps 6651

    18th Century Italian Gilt Altar Sticks
    67" Tall $3850 each

  • Antique Floor Lamp 6652

    Late 19th Century European Burnished Wood Touchier with Tripod Base
    60" Tall $1695

  • Silver Spanish Iron 6653

    19th Century Rewired with Candle Wax

  • Antique Italian Iron Torchieres 6654

    Pair of Late 18th Century Continental Iron Torchieres
    70" Tall $5800 for the Pair

  • Old World Lamps 6655

    Tuscany Walnut Carved Tripod Based Floor Lamps
    68" Tall $3200 each

  • Antique Floor Lamp 6656

    18th Century European Polychromed and Gilt Floor Lamps Rich Blue Finish
    65" Tall $4200 each

  • Old World Lamps 6657

    PBurnished Metal Candlesticks Floor Lamps
    ​$2400 each

  • Old World Lamps 6658

    1920's Addison Mizner Iron Floor Lamp

  • Old World Lamps 6659

    Impressive 18th C Italian Wood Carved Angle - Electrified

  • Antique Italian Saint Floor Lamp 6660

    Whimsical Paper Mache Figure of Michael on Carved Wood Base Italian Early 19th C or Earlier

  • Old World Lamps 6661

    Italian Wood Gilt 18th Century Torchiere
    $3200 Each Pair Available

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