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Old World Pillows / Coat of Arms

As charming as we deem our Hand Crafted, Old World, Coat of Arms Pillows at Studio Veneto to be, they were once a symbol unique to an individual person or family, corporation or state. Owner, Linda McCormick, lays out and designs each individual Italian Baroque Style pillow.
Each pair or individual Embroidered Family Crest is unique and never duplicated.
We invite you to enjoy our selection of whimsical, Antique, Old Country Textile Pillows.
We search the World for the most exclusive and opulent trims and fabrics to create for you a rare
Italian renaissance influenced pillow to enhance the beauty of your home.
"In Italy the use of coats of arms was only loosely regulated by the state existing before before the unification of 1860. Since the Consulta Araldica, the college of arms of the Kingdom of Italy, was abolished in 1948, personal coats of arms and titles of nobility, though not outlawed, are not recognized." - Wikipedia

Ecclesiastical Embroidered Pillows

Studio Veneto finds Ecclesiastical Embroidery from all over the globe to fabricate new life from precious metallic gold work stitchery vestments.
Veneto is the province in Italy which includes Venice and the surrounding area which has highly influenced the inspiration and creative direction of my shop.
Please enjoy our selection of newly made Ecclesiastical Embroidered pillows in the Old World Style
- All designed and meticulously created by owner Linda McCormick

Antique Tapestry Pillows

Designers have appreciated the beauty of Old World Tapestry Pillows to enhance couches and chairs throughout the 19th and 20th century.
We, at Studio Veneto, also see the beauty and have devoted much time in preserving the Old French and Belgium Tapestry Fragments which we have incorporated into pillows. We strive for an array of colors to compliment your decor. Please view our extensive custom made collection of exquisite tapestry pillows.
In the Middle Ages tapestries, had a purely utilitarian function. They were originally designed to protect medieval rooms from damp and cold weather, to cover austere walls of big castles, or to insulate big rooms into more comfortable quarters. Tapestries used for furnishing big stone castles, were very big in size and they require big looms, many workers ad high capital investments. Thus, manufacturers of this type arose in prosperous localities, usually weaving centers. By 1500, Flanders, especially Brussels and Bruges, had become the chief places of production. Due to their size and intricacy, tapestries became investments and displays of wealth and power. - Mille Fleurs Tapestries
Belgian tapestries have existed since medieval times, crediting the country with hundreds of years of experience in the fine art of weaving. European tapestries originated in France before medieval times, though most French weavers fled to what is now known as Belgium during the Hundred Year War. Before the Jacquard loom, all tapestries were hand woven and therefore became a skill that was passed down through Belgian families for centuries after the weavers arrived. ​-Charli Jhonson

Exclusive Old World Pillows

Old World Custom Pillows embroidery, Old World textile and cut velvet pillows featured at Studio Veneto.
We will be adding more hand crafted pillows to this category soon. Please check back.

Old World Leather Pillows

Exclusive to Studio Veneto, a fabulous selection of embroidered leather pillows, so great for family room as they can not be damaged.
Also, charming hand painted Old World Pillows featuring sentry, angel, king and queen, Chinoiserie, costumed twins, falconer, and girl in garden.
How much better does it get than having your own renaissance painting on a pillow!